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As Chinese New Year approaches, Fook Lam Moon Fine Foods is delighted to present 5 types of auspicious Chinese New Year snacks, including Roasted Cashews, Fried Arrowhead Chips, Caramelized Walnuts, Walnut Sesame Balls and Nougat Candies.

In addition to the festive snacks, we also have 5 types of traditional Chinese New Year cakes prepared with the finest ingredients, including Glutinous Rice Cake, Taro Cake, Turnip Cake, Water Chestnut Cake and Jujube Cake.

Order any Chinese New Year Cakes or Hampers before 21 January 2018 to enjoy 10% early bird discount. Enter the discount code "FLMEARLYBIRD" upon checkout.





Do you know you can comfortably enjoy our signature barbecued suckling pig right at your home?

- Limited quantities available daily.  Need to pre-order at min. 5 business days in advance.

- Self pick-up at Fook Lam Moon (Hong Kong) or Fook Lam Moon (Kowloon) only.

* $1,500 / pig


Fook Lam Moon (Hong Kong): 2866 0663

Fook Lam Moon (Kowloon): 2366 0286