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In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, our dim sum masters once again bring to you the classic tastes of our popular rice dumplings. Both the savory rice dumpling with Japanese conpoy and sweet rice dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste are available in limited quantities daily. Other than enjoying them at our restaurants, they are also available in vacuum-packed set for your convenience to bring home or as gifts. These are only available at Fook Lam Moon Fine Foods online shop and our restaurant outlets from May 28 -  June 16.   You may also place your orders through fax or email order.

Enter the disccount code ”FLMWEBEARLY” upon checkout.

Do you know you can comfortably enjoy our signature barbecued suckling pig right at your home?

- Limited quantities available daily.  Need to pre-order at min. 5 business days in advance.

- Self pick-up at Fook Lam Moon (Hong Kong) or Fook Lam Moon (Kowloon) only.

* $1,500 / pig


Fook Lam Moon (Hong Kong): 2866 0663

Fook Lam Moon (Kowloon): 2366 0286