About FLM Fine Foods

The Pinnacle of Perfection

For more than half a century, Fook Lam Moon restaurant has been synonymous with the finest traditions of Cantonese cuisine.  The restaurant’s reputation for going far beyond the efforts of others to reach the pinnacle of perfection in taste, flavour, presentation and service has long been recognized and passionately embraced by generations of Hong Kong’s elites.

By using only the freshest, in-season ingredients to create the most exquisite dishes, unburdened by overuse of seasoning and artificial flavours and presenting them in a welcoming home-like environment, Fook Lam Moon has attracted the patronage, passion and palate of the most discerning diners.

Our founder, Mr Chui Fook Chuen set up the company in 1948 initially as a home catering service serving Hong Kong’s most elite families.  In those post-war years, Hong Kong had yet to prosper and eating out was a luxury afforded to only a few in a population of less than two million.  As a result, Hong Kong’s aristocracy turned to home catering services to indulge their desire for gastronomic excellence.  It was in those days that Fook Lam Moon became synonymous with going to unprecedented lengths to provide the most impeccable dishes and the finest service.

Over the years, Fook Lam Moon has maintained this reputation for going further in its pursuit of excellence and has flourished into one of the most admired Cantonese fine dining brands in the world.

Beyond Art and Science

FLM Fine Foods is an extension of the Fook Lam Moon restaurant brand.  By drawing upon the sublime skills of the Fook Lam Moon Chefs de Cuisine, FLM Fine Foods has gone even further and integrated their culinary artistry with the latest technology and food science to deliver an exceptional range of high quality gastronomic products.  The science of food processing ensures quality and consistency in production, with every product accountable and its ingredients traceable.

FLM Fine Foods products are 100% made in Hong Kong, and each item is ensured with the highest level of food safety.