1.How do I place an order online?

Once you have identified the item you wish to purchase, you may enter your desired quantity and click “ORDER”. 
Please note that there will be transaction limit pre-set by your credit card company or by our payment transaction provider.  If the total amount of your purchase exceed your transaction limit, please re-enter a smaller quantity in order to proceed.  Repeat the same steps if you want to purchase other items.

Review your order in your “BASKET”, then click “ORDER SUMMARY”.  If you are satisfied with your selection, then click “CHECKOUT” to proceed to “Billing Information” page.  You will then be asked to provide your mailing and contact information.  All required fields must be filled to proceed.  Once completed, please click “CONTINUE” to “CONFIRM & MAKE A PAYMENT”.  You will be directed to a PayDollar payment transaction page.  Select your credit card type, fill in all requested information and confirm payment.  Once payment is confirmed, you will be taken back to our website and an account will be created for you. 

2.Why do I need to set up an account ? 

An account is created automatically for you once you have chosen to create an account with us by providing your contact details and information to us.  Once an account is created, you have total access to your personal details and shopping history.

3.Is “MY ACCOUNT” safe?

To protect your submitted personal data on our website, we will encrypt these personal data using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - and industry standard for encryption over the Internet.

4.I have forgotten my account log in password.  What should I do?

 Go to “MY ACCOUNT” and you will be asked to verify for log in.  Enter your log in email address and click “Forgot Password”.  We will send you the instructions on how to reset your password.

Please note FLM Fine Foods and all of our service providers WILL NOT ask for your password under any circumstances.  Please take all reasonable care in protecting access to your account from any unauthorized use.  If you suspect the security of your account has been compromised or if there is unauthorized use of your account, please contact us immediately.

5.What if I do not have an email address?

You must have a valid email address to make a purchase on our website.  If you do not have one, we invite you to visit Fook Lam Moon Restaurants to make a purchase.  Please call our hotline at +852 3423 0388 for our restaurant details.

6.Can I add to my existing order?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You will need to place a new order but any new order you make will also be recorded and shown under your account. 

7.Can an order be cancelled?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.  Once an order is placed and completed, it cannot be cancelled. 

8.Is there a limit on how many pieces of one item I can buy?

Please note that there will be transaction limit either due to the limit imposed by your credit card or due to the limit set by our payment transaction provider.  Therefore you may not be able to purchase the quantity you have specified.  If the total amount exceeds your transaction limit, please re-enter a smaller quantity in order to proceed.  Simply repeat the same steps if you would like to purchase more of the same item.

It is also possible that our items are sold out.  In such case, an error message will be shown when proceed to checkout.

9.When will my purchase be available?

All our delicacies are freshly prepared and will be available for delivery after a minimum of 72 hours (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) after the purchase is confirmed.  Please note the GIFT VOUCHERS generally have expiration dates so please kindly redeem your purchase before the stated expiration date.  Alternatively, you are always welcomed to purchase our products at our restaurant outlets.